Accountabilibuddy in sales: how to maximize your success

An accountabilibuddy in sales is an increasingly common part of ensuring that everyone in the sales environment achieves their performance goals. The accountabilibuddy is someone capable of holding you accountable for the things you want to accomplish.

Let’s explore why the accountabilibuddy is so important in sales.

What is an accountabilibuddy in sales?

An accountabilibuddy is someone responsible for holding you accountable for your sales goals and targets. The idea is that instead of you being the only person responsible for making sure you achieve your goals, you have someone who also checks on your performance, and helps you to stay honest with yourself.

An accountabilibuddy is helpful in sales because a lot of people still don’t have a full understanding of what accountability is. They assume it has something to do with consequences and punishments if they don’t reach their goals, but accountability is more about making sure you take ownership of your efforts in your sales strategies.

Do You Have an Accountabilibuddy?

An accountabilibuddy needs to be someone who’s honest with you, and ready to follow up with you on your goals. The right person will:

  • Care about your progress and genuinely want you to succeed
  • Be honest enough not to pull punches with you when you’re not working hard enough
  • Push you back onto the right path when you get lost and struggle to reach your goals
  • Provide honest and useful advice without seeming judgemental
  • Offer positive reinforcement and inspiration when you need help staying on track
  • Understand your situation and be able to share insights
  • Be dependable enough to ensure they’re available when you need them

An accountabilibuddy should also be someone with a general knowledge of what kind of sales strategies you use, so they understand when you’re hitting your benchmarks. When choosing your accountabilibuddy, avoid picking someone who tends to “rescue” people when they’re making mistakes. The point of having this person in your life is that they support you in doing the work to reach your targets.

Although it might seem like a nice idea to have someone in your life who can step in and do the work for you when time gets tough – this doesn’t help you to become more accountable. This is one of the reasons why spouses and family members aren’t always great for accountability.

Reasons why you need an accountabilibuddy

An accountabilibuddy isn’t just someone who acts as the person looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing your work the way you should be. These professionals can help you to keep an eye on how you’re progressing towards your goals, and what you really need to do to achieve success.

An accountabilibuddy is often essential in sales because:

  • We often make excuses for ourselves: Most of us are very good at making excuses for why we can’t do something, but we’re not the best at pushing ourselves to leave those excuses behind. An accountability buddy will help you to stop making excuses for yourself.
  • Everyone hits walls sometimes: If you’ve set yourself some challenging goals, it’s not going to be easy to reach them. From time to time, you’re going to fall down and need help getting back up. When this happens, having someone on-hand who knows your goals and can help with useful advice will be extremely valuable.
  • It’s hard to go it alone: Going it alone when you have big ambitions in your sales career isn’t easy. You can sometimes struggle with things like motivation, inspiration, and focus. An accountabilibuddy can step in here, offering the extra support you need to make your goals a reality.
  • Accountability empowers you: Learning how to be more accountable for your actions can actually empower you to accomplish more, because you take ownership of your own achievements. You’ll stop allowing yourself to hold yourself back with excuses.

Sometimes, you can even find an accountabilibuddy by looking for someone who needs help holding themselves accountable too. The best people to support each other in many sales environments are often two sales professionals looking to improve their chances of reaching their goals. You can learn a lot by holding someone you know accountable, and at the same time, you can ask them to guide you towards reaching your targets too.

How to Choose an Accountabilibuddy in sales

When choosing an accountabilibuddy, make sure you find someone you can trust and someone who’s willing to listen to you when you’re explaining your dreams, your struggles, weaknesses, and strengths. The person you have as your accountability buddy needs to be able to understand your ambitions and motivate you towards achieving them. Find someone who can be honest with you about what’s holding you back and help you to look at things from another perspective.

At the same time, while it’s important to have someone you trust and don’t feel judged by as your accountabilibuddy, you also need someone who’s going to see through your excuses. You don’t need someone to come in and agree with your reasons why a task was too hard. The right accountability buddy in sales will push you to take responsibility for your actions.

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