B2B Sales training for a High Technology Quotient Future

B2B sales training is a very unique beast. I’m sure you’ve employed many methodologies and processes over the years with fancy acronyms and hired all manner of trainers. I’m on a global test to raise the Technology Quotient of sales teams, to help them individually and collectively fuse more effectively with their tech stacks. If you define a quality process manually and then automate it, you can achieve hypergrowth in novel ways that lap your peers. I’ve seen this to be true in countless orgs. But GIGO is very real = garbage in, garbage out – so the first step is to correctly identify and AB split test manual processes that work.

Where to Start

Make sure you are working with a sales leader who is not too far removed from the field. It’s a good sign if they still make cold calls, use parallel assisted dialers like ConnectAndSell, and are masterful in actually building out cadences/sequences themselves on platforms like Outreach/Salesloft.

Behavioral change is a beast

Most sales training programs are expensive – $15-25K/2-days, they come in and put a band-aid on your salesforce for 2 days and are then gone. Everyone reads a metaphorical book or does worksheets with pictograms and then next day back in the field? How will I write this email, how will I actually create this sequence, how can I target the right people in navigator? What’s the best way to get these calls to be effective? The prevailing B2B sales training methods break down on the tactical components the next day after the pretty strategic guide training.

You need modern systems that are practical is my core thesis and it works. Reps I train set meetings with F2000 companies in the first two weeks just by following my neuroscience-based guides and cheat codes. It works copying my templates but the whole reason for team training, is to teach reps how to fish – learning how to learn – giving them the fishing rod to build dynamic, hard hitting, outbound campaigns that convert C-Level executives into their funnel effectively. The rub is – they themselves need to know why these techniques are working.

What makes Salesborgs B2B Sales Training so Unique

It’s not a one-size first all business sales training program. I customize it per company, and per rep. Ventures and Enterprise sales motions are actually unique. You are a snowflake, not to worry! I analyze your GTM across people, process and technology. This includes analyzing your inbound and outbound motion,  your collateral, product marketing, content and marketing overall – above the sales funnel. We make sure the messaging, targeting, data, and tech systems are on point.

I then assess every single quota carrying, hunting rep, and from this analysis can make blended recommendations and individual recommendations that once actioned upon, bring immediate incremental gains.

Let me give you an example. Let’s look at the systemic problem of show rates. Calendaring technologies are not all created equal. When setting appointments, typically 7 out of 10 prospects even show up. That’s a 30% gap. So why not AB test Chili Piper, Kronologic and Calendly to see which one fills the gap. I have found Chili Piper to move this number North to 9 out of 10. That’s a huge incremental gain by simply plugging in one technology. It could literally result in millions of dollars of upside.

Will vs. Skill

I always say, if you bring me the will, I will teach you the skill. Effective B2B Sales Training is as strategic as it is tactical. That’s why I place so much emphasis on studying strategic selling and closing tactics because “opening is the first commit.” The psychology that influences big decisions by consensus gives us insight into how to “close for time” or garner the initial meeting.

The most effective sales training has an action-bias, it’s based on drilling, rehearsing, role playing, and learning counter-intuitive techniques. In the beginning my methods feel like “unnatural acts,” even somewhat radical. That’s because they are a “flank” or “pattern interrupt” as compared to all other SaaS selling systems constructed in the past 20 years. By design!

Sending emails via a sequencer that look like text messages? Using Venn Diagrams nested in the third touch? Sending GIFs. The special assertive frequencies of the message clusters. We are going to redefine how you send email, leave voicemails, make cold calls, and how you communicate over all so its 1) geared to how C-Levels who hold a P&L actually think and talk themselves + high acumen and 2) it stands out radically from your competitors so you actually get a response.

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