Sales Funnels Consultants: What do They Do?

The sales funnel is one of the most important parts of any company’s relationship with its clients. Understanding how your customers move from the point of awareness (about your product or service) to the point when they’re ready to purchase is crucial. Unfortunately, many companies don’t know how to navigate the sales funnel correctly.

A sales funnel consulting team, or sales funnel consultant, helps guide organizations through the process of designing a more effective sales funnel, therefore increasing conversions and leads. With a sales funnel expert, you can streamline the path to purchase and make bigger profits.

How Does a Sales Funnel Work?

A sales funnel consultant is a professional who understands how to navigate the sales funnel, and how to find opportunities for your company within that journey. The sales funnel the term that companies use to describe the steps a customer takes to move from the point of not knowing an organization, to buying their products or services.

A successful sales and marketing team and a strong business strategy helps to move customers through the sales funnel, from awareness, through to “customer loyalty.” The main points of the sales funnel include:

  • Awareness: The prospecting stage
  • Discovery: The qualifying stage
  • Evaluation: When salespeople pitch an offer
  • Intent: When sales teams and customers negotiate
  • Purchase: When the sales team closes the deal
  • Loyalty: When you deliver the product, and turn a client into a repeat customer

What Do Sales Funnel Consultants Do?

Sales funnel consulting is all about guiding companies through the process of understanding and leveraging the sales funnel correctly. A sales funnel expert can help companies to generate leads by showing them what their current sales funnel looks like, and how they can streamline the path to purchase for their customers.

Sales funnel consultants start by examining the current processes in place to move consumers from the prospecting stage through to the purchase stage and beyond. This analysis allows the expert to determine any sticking points where you might be missing out on revenue opportunities.

Experts can highlight problems with your current sales funnel, while also making suggestions about how you can adapt your sales, marketing, and even customer service strategies. For instance, a team of sales funnel consultants might discover that you’re converting customers well, but you need a loyalty program or system in place to keep those customers coming back during the “loyalty” stage.

A sales funnel consultant usually works with various members of the business team, from supervisors and managers to marketing professionals, sales representatives, and even executives, to help determine the best strategy for business growth.

The Most Important Tasks of a Sales Funnel Consultant

A sales funnel consultant will provide a strong marketing and sales strategy for your company based on your business needs. Because every company is different, and every audience is unique, a sales funnel consultant will work hand-in-hand with a business to find out more about their audience before building a more effective funnel. After a thorough analysis, your sales funnel consulting team will help you to implement strategies to improve conversions, like building landing pages, or follow-up strategies for sales teams. Sales funnel consultants can:

  • Identify the fundamental issues your customer faces when interacting with you
  • Find ways to build trust with your clients
  • Identify needs for marketing and sales materials
  • Support teams in creating new sales and marketing assets
  • Guide companies through the sales funnel, from sales to service
  • Help nurture the leads in your existing environment, and attract new ones
  • Find solutions to existing problems in your conversion funnel
  • Set up analytical tools to help track changes in business performance
  • Make recommendations on which software and tools to use for growth

Why You Need a Sales Funnel Consultant

Sales funnel consultants show you how you can leverage every step in the customer journey to build stronger relationships with your customers. The more you know about the steps your clients take between discovering your business and making a transaction, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to earn dedicated, loyal clients.

The advice and guidance sales funnel experts can give even help to improve the performance of your sales team, allowing you to become more efficient and drive better return on investment from all of your campaigns. With a sales funnel consultant, you’ll be building stronger sales and marketing strategies in no time.

Invest in Your Sales Funnels

Understanding the sales funnel, and knowing how to use it correctly is crucial to building meaningful, valuable relationships with customers. With Sales funnels consultants to help you, companies of any size can build an effective strategy for attracting, nurturing and converting their potential leads. You might even be able to keep your customers around for longer with a funnel expert’s help too.

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