Tech-Powered Sales

Tech-Powered Sales is a cosmic journey into the brave new world of RevOps. Featuring hundreds of interviews with top Revenue Operations leaders, TPS deep dives with the bots into the mystical realm of superhuman scaling and hyper-growth leveraging tech stacks toward the Singularity.
There has never been a sales book that featured Sequences or Sequence architecture. In the past, only point solutions were profiled whereas TPS highlights the transformative power of blended tech stacks.


Mark Roberge
Professor at Harvard Business School, Former CRO at HubSpot; Author of The Sales Acceleration Formula, MD at Stage 2 Capital.

Tech-Powered Sales highlights the new best practices for RevOps and how to scale and optimize blended tech stacks harnessing the synergistic power of humans and machines.

Marylou Tyler
Speaker and author of Predictable Prospecting

The go-to handbook for all sales professionals to multiply their results and maximize return-on-effort (ROE). The Essential Stack and Advanced Stack Additions alone are invaluable!

Chris Beall
CEO, ConnectAndSell

Modern sales technology is baffling, especially for a CEO like me who has no choice but to embrace it, but has no chance of making sense of it on my own – and I run a sales tech company! This book boils it down to this: some sales tech gives your reps superhuman skills that empower your business to dominate markets at will. You can do with the team you have. Read it, follow the advice, and dominate.

Aaron Ross
Author of Predictable Revenue & Impossible To Inevitable

This is the most important book for selling in the 2020s. Learn from two people on the cutting edge of what’s possible in selling and sales operations.

Steve Richard
Co-Founder, ExecVision

Reading this book is a window into the future of sales. It is ten years beyond anything I’ve seen, and I’ve worked with hundreds of sales organizations.

Jeremey Donovan
SVP of Sales Strategy and Operations, SalesLoft

Justin is the most thought-provoking voice in sales today. His informed, irreverent, and prescient approach makes this THE must-read sales book of this year and beyond.

Josh Braun
Founder SalesDNA

Tech-Powered Sales is filled to the rim with tactics that will stack the odds in your favor for booking meetings with your ideal prospects. Actionable stuff.

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