What is an Inside Sales Representative?

The term inside sales refers to the process of selling from an office via online channels like email or social media, phone calls, and other platforms. Rather than travelling to meet clients, Inside sales professionals follow up with leads from a remote location, or cold call potential customers to access new opportunities. Professionals in inside sales can sell both products and services.

What is an Inside Sales Representative?

An inside sales rep, or inside sales agent is a common member of the modern sales team. These professionals play a fundamental role in acquiring new customers and leads, by reaching out to potential clients through a host of different communication methods.

Inside sales representative responsibilities can range all the way from cold calling lists of potential contacts, to pitching unique sales opportunities to individual clients with account-based selling techniques. An inside sales representative is comfortable making dozens of calls each day, generating interest for your business, working with channel partners, qualifying prospects, and closing sales.

Inside sales Representative responsibilities

An Inside Sales rep will cover all aspects of inside sales, starting with tracking down new sales opportunities, to connecting with accounts and closing deals. The exact tasks of an inside sales agent can differ depending on their specific role. Most often, tasks include:

  • Finding sales opportunities: Many inside sales representatives can assist with seeking out new customers through mailing lists, industry directories, and pitches at tradeshows or other events. This helps to bring new leads into the business.
  • Researching accounts: To make more effective sales pitches, an Inside sales representative job description might include conducting research into customers and accounts, therefore bringing context to an offer.
  • Following up with customers: Inside sales representative responsibilities often include following up with consumers and building relationships through multiple connections. An Inside sales agent will usually reach customers on multiple different channels.
  • Offering product demonstrations: Your inside Sales rep might offer product demonstrations to help customers better understand the capabilities of your product.
  • Negotiations: Some inside sales agents negotiate sales terms and create custom packages for customers to help improve the chances of a sale.
  • Collaborating with other team members: Inside sales agents often collaborate with executives and other team members to help land larger clients and complex contracts.

Inside sales representative skills

An Inside sales representative is a talented individual, confident in their ability to communicate with potential clients. These individuals often have a range of skills they put to use during their daily activities including:

  • Computer and software skills: Most modern inside sales reps will use computer software to track down information about a lead, collect data, send emails, and interact with their clients on a range of channels. They need to be comfortable in the online world.
  • Communication skills: Inside sales reps are confident and comfortable in their ability to explain the benefits of a product or service to any customer. These team members can translate complex ideas into simple sales pitches, customized to the client in question.
  • Excellent relationship building: most inside sales professionals will use a combination of computer programs and creativity to track sales connections and develop stronger relationships with clients overtime. These people are experts at knowing how to build relationships with the right leads.
  • Customer service skills: Inside sales reps need wonderful customer service skills to empathize with customers and help build a sense of trust and credibility. Service skills will also make it easier for these professionals to find relevant solutions to problems.
  • Research skills: Reps need strong research skills to help them track down potential leads and assess their specific needs. Most will use a combination of tools to research accounts.
  • Persuasion and sales skills: Inside sales reps need to be able to convert a lead into a customer using convincing language and suggestions.

Inside Sales Representative salary

The salary of an Inside Sales Representative often differs depending on factors like skill level, location, and the kind of business they’re working for. On average, US professionals can expect to earn at least $50,162 annually.

How to become an inside sales representative

Becoming an inside sales rep is simple enough. First, you’ll need to gain your high school diploma, then begin cultivating skills in areas like customer service, sales, and research through experience. You can develop all kinds of skills through entry-level jobs and volunteering.

Some sales professionals access specialist certifications like Certified Inside Sales Professional accreditation. Once you’ve developed your skills, you’ll need a strong resume that highlights your sales talents, and you should be willing to complete regular on-the-job training to keep your talent on-par with the other members of your team.

Some inside sales representatives can work their way up to the position, starting with an entry-level sales or customer service role.

Is Inside sales a good career?

If you’re good at building relationships with people and you’re confident in connecting with new customers, then a job as an inside sales rep could be ideal for you. Inside sales representatives work in fast-paced environments that are rarely boring. Although there are challenges to address, and sales quotas to meet, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people regularly.

People who can handle stress well and respond well to challenges will often thrive in an inside sales position. You’ll also feel confident in this job if you’re comfortable using various platforms for communication.

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